Due to health and safety precautions related to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, only members of our board are able to work at the clubhouse at this time.


Contact us if you would like to take on a project that can be assembled in your home!

Our Address 

101 Dame St., #1, Suttons Bay

Contact kara@powerbookbags.org for more information.

What Can I Do to Volunteer?
  1. Make create-your-own-story booklets. Take four pieces of copy paper with a colored cover, fold in half, and staple!

  2. Come to our site on Mondays between 10-1 to help clean books and fill bags!

  3. Clean, sort and prepare books for children!

  4. Collect donations from friends!

  5. Collect donations weekly from donation boxes!

  6. Help deliver book bags and books to sites each week!

  7. Order online using AmazonSmile and select Power Book Bags as your charity of choice. They will donate .5% of every eligible sale to us!

We happily accept new AND like new books for children of all ages!

We also are overjoyed by donations of:

new non-toxic crayons



fabric (for bags)

copy paper (white and colored)

We currently have donation bins at the following places:

Suttons Bay

 Suttons Bay Bingham District Library

Bayside Coffee & Tea

Traverse City

Maxbauer's Meat Market

We continue to look for more places for our donation bins. If you have a suggestion for a willing location, please email us at powerbookbags@gmail.com. 


Sewing Book Bags

Book bags are the heart of the program. Children feel so special when they select their very own bag.

The book bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Some are 9"x13", or 10"x14", or 12"x14". 

Some have handles with matching fabric, others have ribbons for handles. 


It takes approximately 1/4 of a yard to make a book bag, not including the handle.

Once a bag is cut out, it is only about 15 minutes until one is finished!

Every bag is cherished and appreciated!

You don't have to sign up for making tons of bags!

Consider making one a week or one a month or whatever you have the time to do! We are grateful for any and all book bags!

If you would like to sew bags, we can also provide you with the fabric and ribbons. Just let us know! kara@powerbookbags.org


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